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BMW F10 at the bottom of the market. BMW F10 520d or 530d? Condition of the car from Europe!

OP OP!!! Many people write that they are interested in the BMW 5 Series in the F10 body to learn the nuances, tuning, retrofitting, repairs, etc. So we decided to start a new project and buy a BMW F10 at the bottom of the market with a diesel engine.

We will tell you about 3 options that we considered before buying with diesel engines N47 and one car was on N57.


The first option we looked at was a black F10 with 344000 kilometers.

The equipment was quite poor, only sport seats were available.

The car was almost all in its original paint. Computer diagnostics showed that the values of engine and gearbox corrections at 344000 kilometers were perfect. When we started to inspect the engine, it was found that the engine was covered in oil due to problems with the turbine, crankcase and car ecology. After diagnosing the chassis, we found a standard set, namely rear gearbox bushings, elastic clutch, longitudinal arm bushings, and the brake discs and pads all around the car need to be replaced. The results of the car: we did not find anything critical about the car that cannot be fixed and problems that should be abandoned. In fact, the main components of the car are in good condition, namely the body, engine and transmission. As for the technical aspects, you need to invest a lot of money to make the car perfect. The equipment of the car is weak, but it is interesting for us.


The second option that we examined was a gray F10 525d with a 3 liter diesel engine with a mileage of 290000 kilometers.

The car was in an even poorer configuration where the options were a wide monitor and a beige leather interior.

The car was brought from Europe under zero customs clearance, nothing was done in Ukraine.

When we brought the car for service, we found the driver's door and trunk lid painted. Computer diagnostics showed problems with the particulate filter and vortex dampers. According to the parameters, we saw issues with the engine's one-cylinder corrections. The gearbox had some issues, perhaps after changing the oil, the parameters could be leveled out. 

Technical issues: elastic clutch, gearbox and longitudinal arm bushings, anthers, shock absorber bumpers, rims and pads, and a leaking turbine. We took off the oil filter to check for chips and there were very small pieces of metal, which is not critical. The most unpleasant thing we found in the car was a noise between the gearbox and the engine, possibly timing chains or issues with the gearbox/engine.

The results of the car with a 3-liter engine: the option is interesting due to the engine and weak equipment, but there are moments in the car that are difficult to predict the cost of repairs, so we postpone this option.


The third option was a 2011 F11 520d with 240,000 kilometers.

The car was all in original paint with a couple of non-critical scratches. After computer diagnostics, it was found, as in the previous variants, problems with the particulate filter and EGR. One cylinder of the engine has large deviations in the corrections. 

Problems on the technical side: brake discs and pads and that's it! The car is in good condition, it is more expensive than the previous two and there is something to overpay for.


We are still thinking about these options and looking for more cars!

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