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BMW retrofit

Increase the comfort level of your car with our service -  installation of additional equipment on BMW. Our expert technicians specialize in enhancing your driving pleasure by integrating premium features into your vehicle. Whether it's advanced multimedia systems, increased productivity or innovative security systems, we guarantee precision and quality in the installation process.


We have more than 6 years of experience BMW car repair


Guarantee for work performed


12 service branches

in Ukraine

BMW retrofits: price from Garage Racer service station

BMW retrofit cost can be calculated individually based on your needs.

Transform your BMW into a custom masterpiece that suits your unique lifestyle and driving preferences. Trust us to install additional equipment and let your BMW reflect your personality.

BMW Maintenance

Our team BMW technical service offers unrivaled service for your BMW. We specialize in comprehensive BMW maintenance, ensuring your luxury vehicle receives the care it deserves. Our BMW car service equipped with the latest equipment and qualified technicians who understand the intricacies of the design of these vehicles.

*If the required service is not available, consult the branch manager

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