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BMW Garage Racer Services provide a full range of BMW and Mini maintenance services. 


We have more than 6 years of experience in repairing BMW cars


Guarantee for work performed


12 service branches in Ukraine

BMW Maintenance Schedule

From routine inspections to oil changes and diagnostics, our team is committed to maintaining the performance, reliability and safety of your vehicle. We useoriginal BMW parts and follow the manufacturer's recommendations to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.

BMW maintenance cost

On BMW service Garage Racer -  Customer satisfaction is a priority. We are waiting for you without days off or breaks. 

The cost of BMW maintenance can vary significantly depending on the vehicle model, year of manufacture, region in which the service is performed, and the specific service center.

BMW Maintenance

Our teamBMW technical service offers unrivaled service for your BMW. We specialize incomprehensive BMW maintenance, ensuring your luxury vehicle receives the care it deserves. OurBMW car service equipped with the latest equipment and qualified technicians who understand the intricacies of the design of these vehicles.

*If the required service is not available, consult the branch manager

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