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BMW diagnostics

When diagnosing, it is important to quickly assess the condition of the vehicle, find faults and check the manufacturer's notices. In the Garage Racer service station network, using special equipment, this can be done quickly and accurate information can be obtained. BMW diagnostics ordered here will answer all existing and potential questions of the car owner.


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BMW diagnostics in Ukraine

Garage Racer specialists will offer to inspect your car to identify any problems. All BMW diagnostics are performed using modern equipment by qualified specialists.The list of works may include:

identifying traces of leakage of consumable liquids;
checking technical fluid levels;
detection of extraneous noise during engine operation;
checking the integrity of the exhaust system;
Determination of power system faults.

Can be carried out separately BMW engine diagnostics, steering rack or gearbox. Prices for these works are indicated in the price list. It is important to consider whether it is necessary to examine one node or the entire system.

BMW computer diagnostics

BMW computer diagnostics - This is an important procedure that allows you to identify and eliminate malfunctions in the car. It allows you to check the operation of all car systems, including the engine, automatic transmission, electronics, chassis and others.

BMW diagnostics carried out using special equipment that is connected to the vehicle diagnostic connector. This equipment allows you to read error codes that are stored in the vehicle's memory. Each error code corresponds to a specific malfunction.

BMW computer diagnostics have a number of advantages over other diagnostic methods.It allows:


quickly and accurately identify faults;
determine the cause of the malfunction;

​save on repairs, since there is no need to carry out expensive repair work if the malfunction is minor.

It is recommended to carry out computer diagnostics of BMW regularly, even if there are no signs of malfunction. This will help prevent serious problems from occurring in the future.

Pre-sale diagnostics of BMW (BMW)

Comprehensive diagnostics The technical condition of the car before sale includes checking: the chassis, brake system, attachments, the presence of fogging/leaks of technical fluids, levels of technical fluids, engine mounts.

We also check the paintwork - checking the thickness of the paintwork, inspecting the body for repairs.

BMW repair services

BMW Service Garage Racer offers a wide range of services. These include diagnostics and repair of the chassis, updating navigation and a number of others. The full list can be seen atspecial station page.

BMW Maintenance

Our teamBMW technical service offers unrivaled service for your BMW. We specialize incomprehensive BMW maintenance, ensuring your luxury vehicle receives the care it deserves. OurBMW car service equipped with the latest equipment and qualified technicians who understand the intricacies of the design of these vehicles.

*If the required service is not available, consult the branch manager

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