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BMW F31 320d N47 Stage 1 and 2. Clogged particulate filter? What is 2 liter DIESEL in TUNING capable of?

OP OP!!! Continuing about F31 320d, in this article we did Stage 1 and Stage 2.

The car has a native turbo that pressurizes the oil, after removing it it turned out that the turbo had already been restored by someone.


I assumed that the car will go like F30 320i, as the power is 184 power.

Acceleration measurements in the stock:

100-200km/h - 35.34s.

0-100km/h - 8.06s (best result).

Power measurements on the stock bench:

The result of the measurements was 180-183 horsepower


The car took a very long time to accelerate because of the particulate filter, which had not yet been removed at 340,000 kilometers of mileage.

Later we cut out the particulate filter and installed a down pipe, and immediately went to the bench to measure the power. After measurements we got 175-178 hp, the result is less than in the stock. The problem was that the car is not flashed under the removal of ecology, and the brains strangled the engine.

Measurements of acceleration stock + down pipe:

100-200 km/hour - the car accelerated more than 1 minute ...


After very strange and long measurements we poured Stage 1 into the car and went to the stand. The expected power was 220 hp, but in reality it turned out to be 208 hp.

Measurements of acceleration Stage 1 + down pipe:

0-100 km/h - 7.46s (best result).

100-200 km/h - 27.68s (best result).

Our manager did not leave the idea to make 100-200 km/h acceleration time in 25 seconds, so we poured the chip xHP automatic transmission and ran the result of 25 seconds acceleration time 100-200 km/h.

Later winter started, we installed other disks, winter tires, intercooler and engine firmware stage 2. Having measured 100-200 km/h on this configuration the result was 23,63s.

For more details see on YouTube -  

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