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Bought a BMW 320d for a very cheap price. Why so little? F31 N47 at 340-000 kilometers of mileage.

OP OP!!! The article is about BMW F31 320d with a mileage of 340 000 kilometers.

The car was bought at a very good price from our client, the price was low because of a number of nuances on the car, such as: mileage 336 000 kilometers, changed engine (because the last engine knocked), need painting rear wing.


The car came without the M-package from Germany at 200,000 kilometers of mileage.

Over time, the owner has retrofitted the car with M-package all around, also was installed a new original M-rudder and not original 19 disks.

The big plus of this car is that the power as on F30 320i (184 forces), but the consumption is much less. In the city consumption of 7 liters, and on the highway 5-6 liters.


From the works which were carried out at us, it was maintenance, re-sealing of an exhaust part, replacement of dust covers of shock absorbers. 

In the next articles we will do Stage 3 on this car!

See more details in the video on YouTube - 


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