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Owner's review of BMW F30/F31 320d with N47 engine at 350000 kilometers of mileage! How much is the maintenance and repair cost per year?

OP OP! Today we have an article about BMW F31 320d with a mileage of 351 000 kilometers, we will tell a real review of the owner after a year of operation, the cost of repair and tuning, how scary it is to buy a BMW with a mileage of 300000+ kilometers?

Auto in Ukraine came 6 years ago with a mileage of 200000 kilometers in a different form, namely without M-package.

The car up to 270000 kilometers was serviced at the official service, scheduled technical work was carried out. After the official service the service was carried out at other specialized services.


Operation of the car in Ukraine was on the highways in a fairly hard mode, where the road surface allowed the car drove 200+ km / hr. Already at 300000 kilometers of mileage began oil consumption. In one of the trips on the highway in the mode of 200+ km/hour did not keep track of the level and the engine of the car jammed, after a while was installed another engine and restored turbine. At 305000 kilometers the car came to us for service and our manager immediately liked it. The manager informed the client that when he thought of selling the car, he would be the first to inform about the sale. A few months later the owner clarified the relevance of the manager and sold him the car.


After the purchase of the car was removed tinting of the front headlights and tinting of the windshield.

Nuances that were at the time of purchase: immediately had to replace the timing chain, the turbo was leaking oil very badly, had to remove the ecology, required painting a fender.

Auto maintenance prices:

Scheduled maintenance: was done 2 times maintenance costing 150$

Mandatory repairs: replacement of timing chain (1050$), turbine restoration (400$), floating silentblock (40$), bumpers + silentblocks + KVGK (250$), painting of the rear left wing (200$) - the total amount is about 2000$.

Tuning: headlight bulbs (150$), headlight restoration (200$), ecology removal + firmware (400$), Intercooler (500$), xHP automatic transmission chip, hybrid turbo (400$), red interior inserts.

Year-to-date totals and 16500 kilometers driven:

Over the course of the year, $4,000 was spent on the car.....


See more details on YouTube -  

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