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When you don't have enough for a BMW M5 F10 | BMW F10 550i review

OP OP!!! Today we have an article about the BMW F10 550i.

This car has a 4.4 engine with 2 turbos (N63n).

The car has a front M-bumper, LED optics and shadow line package. Door pull option is installed on the auto.

Auto 2016, has a mileage of 82 000 km, the configuration is very rich, so it is easier to say what this car does not have, namely: seat massage, rear integral rail and rear climate control.

The trunk volume is impressive and as a true owner of N63 there is a liter of oil for refill :)


On the car full assistant system: lane control, adaptive cruise control, LED dashboard (6WB), M-rudder, leather NAPPA, comfortable seats and sport selector automatic transmission!


At mileage 65,000 km the catalytic converters were removed, 2 down pipes were installed and it was stitched to EURO 2. In general on maintenance: there were suspension repairs and basic maintenance.


The heart of this car is powerful and cool, but there are constant problems with cylinder scoring, oil eating, liners and engine wedge. If you buy such a car, you should be ready that the repair of such an engine in ideal will cost 8000 €.


Installed top version of multimedia NBT, cameras of circular vision (but in F10 cameras have not 360 °, but 270 °)


Auto was purchased at auction in the USA, with damage to front right wing, front passenger door.


The car to the client after restoration from the USA came to a very not small sum, at the auction was purchased for 15 000 $

Comparison with 528i and 535i?

This car can not be compared with 535 or 528, it can only be compared with M5 F10. On the auto the difference is in the box, namely in 550i ZF, and on M5 F10 installed DCT, on M5 installed gearbox with locking differential and brake system ///M, these are the most important differences except for the engines N63 (550i) and S63 (M5)!


The auto is very comfortable, soft, good handling and good noise isolation!


  • 0-100 km/h - 5.18s

  • 100-200 km/h - 13.38s

  • 0-200 km/h - 18.56s

More detailed review in YouTube video -   


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