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Installing hybrid turbos on the S58. What's the power gain? M4 G82

OP OP! An interesting tuning part arrived to me very quickly and I went to meet it.

The Stage 3 hybrid turbos from the company and Turbosystems came to me. There were few options on turbos, it was either Single Turbo, but this option is more for racers, for us hybrid turbos like on our 328i, 240i, 535i, 230i projects are suitable.

I took the car to BMW Service Pochaina and we literally installed the hybrid turbos in a day. There were problems with the inlets, but we decided to do manually under the car later, while the car was left on stock turbine inlets. After installing the turbines, of course, I immediately went to measure the car!

Measurements 100-200 km/h (CUSTOM firmware Stage 2 + turbines Stage 3)

  • 5.31s (best result)


Power measurements on the bench:

  • Power turned out to be 706 horsepower


For more details on the power results, firmware versions from different companies and much more, see on YouTube - .

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