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BMW F10 535 broke down... How much is the maximum on Stage 2!

OP OP! Continuing articles about our BMW F10 535i. Last time the car was again at the service station BMW Left Bank Garage Racer. A few days later I came to the service.

Chips in the oil filter sometimes slipped through.

We installed a charge pipe.

We also installed an Intercooler.

After the work was done, I bought a firmware package and poured Stage 2 from bootmod. I drove a couple of kilometers from the service and the car boiled. I stood a little, the car cooled down and I drove to Garage Racer BMW service station.

They made a computer diagnostics and after a couple of hours the problem was eliminated. There was a problem with the plug on the pump.


We made it to the bench and started measuring power on Stage 2. There were very large rollbacks on the 2,3,5 cylinders.

The power was 362 horsepower.

After the stand car went to the BMW service station Garage Racer Left Bank, there changed 3 injectors BOSCH, after the replacement filled a full tank of 100 gasoline and went to measure the power on the stand.

Power was 365 horsepower, rollbacks were still 4-7 degrees on several cylinders.


Since we were having problems with ignition angle pullbacks, we plugged the KVGC tube.


Acceleration measurements km/h:

100-200 - 13.75s (best result)

0-100 - 4.7s.

The logs were very bad...

See more details in the video on YouTube - . 

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