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ANLOCK engine brains from tuning. How to chip BMW after 2016?

OP OP. An article about UNLOCK DME on BMW!

If you have a BMW and want to increase power, this article is definitely for you. 20 years ago, BMWs were with atmospheric engines and it was difficult and impractical to increase power. For the last 15 years, cars have been turbocharged and power can easily be increased by 20% with simple chip tuning and some modifications. The article is relevant for BMWs after 2016. Somehow it happens that BMW tries to close its brains from UNLOCK, but continues to make its cars tunable.


1. The option where BMW does not require UNLOCK is a car, the brains were released before 2020.06 and where the firmware is not updated to 2020.03 - everything is fine, you can do chip tuning without any problems!

Before filling, we recommend making sure that the car's brain is not blocked, when connecting BOOTMOD, DME Unlock Requirement (OBD) will be written 

2. The second option: the car's brains are before 2020.06, and the firmware is after 2020.06, and when connecting bootmod3, DME Unlock Requirement (Bench) is written - for chip tuning you need to do Bench Unlock, we can do this unlock with special equipment in Kyiv, and then fill in the bootmod.

3 The third option: brains (ECU) after 2020.06 and firmware after 2020.06, this is FEMTO UMLOCK. As of 2023, I was able to do this on my BMW M4 G82 only through FEMTO (the procedure lasts an average of a month)


In order to make a brain unlock on my BMW M4 G82: I removed the brains, sent them through suppliers in Lviv (I expected the parcel to arrive in 3 weeks), and in the end it arrived in a month. I picked it up from the post office, installed it, and the car started successfully! Read about how to fill the chip in the next article.


For more details on how to unlock the engine control unit on a BMW, see the video on Youtube - 

Activation codes BootMod3 / Remote Chip Filling, Stage 1/Stage 2 at top prices 🤑


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