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We have retrofitted the M Steering Wheel and LED Dashboard on the BMW F10!

OP OP! New article about retrofitting our project BMW F10 535! Before that we had a regular dashboard

(like the F30 extended) also on F10 there is Black Panel

and the most top option is LED dashboard. We had the dashboard replaced at our station in Kiev (Pochaina).


After a few days we decided to complete the interior of the cabin with M steering wheel on F10. Before that we had this steering wheel:

M steering wheel retrofitting is an easy job, without any retrofitting, without any problems removed the old steering wheel and put a new one. The cost of M steering wheels on BMW F10 is a lot more than the cost of M steering wheel on BMW F30.

Who is interested in the topic of steering wheels on BMW:

In the end, after replacing the dashboard and steering wheel, we got this picture

Prices for the dashboard LED panel in the neighborhood of 900-950$ + it needs to zero (cost in the neighborhood of 100$), install and code.

With the steering wheel may be nuances on recoding airbags in America to Europe (as in Europe 1 squib, and in America 2)

If your steering wheel has paddles, then you have the option of sports box (with this option comes sport selector automatic transmission).


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