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Maximum power on BOOTMOD3 firmware! Stage 2 on alcohol (E30-E50) on M4 G82

OP OP! Today's article is about how much maximum power can be squeezed out on the STAGE 2 firmware with alcohol! The article about Stage 2 has already been, but it was on gasoline, and today we are on alcohol E50!

I came to the stand to test the firmware on E40 fuel (40% alcohol).


We started testing the Stage 2 firmware under E30 - for some reason there was no power gain, it was 652 horsepower, even though it was 650 horsepower on just gasoline.


Measuring the car, it turned out to be 664 horsepower, although it should be 700 horses.


In disappointment from power gain I wrote to bootmod that so and so... The company gave me a new test firmware for fuel E50 and I went to measure the acceleration of 100-200 km/h, after measuring I threw the results to bootmod and they said that everything is normal, you can measure the car on the bench!

100-200 km/hour STAGE 2 (E50):

100-200 km/h - 5.31s (best result).

The best result without alcohol E50 was - 5.67s (100-200).


ST2 E50 - 698 horsepower

ST2 on gasoline - 647 horsepower, as we can see alcohol gave us 51 horsepower!

The result of 700 horsepower I was very pleased with, as the car is installed only down pipe, bootmod engine firmware and xhp automatic transmission firmware.

More details in the YouTube video -

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