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BMW M4 G82 на STAGE 2! Який приріст від down pipe? Заміри 100-200 КМ/ГОДИНУ...

OP OP! Another article about BMW M4 G82, and today we are waiting for Stage 2...

I came to our station in Kiev (Pochaina) and installed the down pipe and poured the firmware for Stage 2.

To pour the Stage 2 chip from bootmod it is enough only to install the down pipe, without removing the catalysts, etc.


About flaps: in COMFORT mode all flaps are closed, in Sport mode only one flap is open, and in Sport+ mode 2 flaps are open.


 Stage 2 + down pipe turned out to be - 650HP


100-200 km/h - 5.67s (the best result).


The plan is to put hybrid turbines on the car further, why do I put turbines instead of Port Injection?

The fun of Port Injection is that when you pour alcohol in the car, for example E50 or E85, then the gasoline for such power should be poured less because the stoichiometry of alcohol is different than gasoline, so in kilograms it should be poured less. The system is similar to water-methanol and it is used more by drivers who often race at different championships.

For more details see the video on YouTube -

If you are interested in DOWN PIPE for all BMW models, please contact the chip tuning department or a branch of our network of BMW services in your city:


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