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What can the M4 G82 without tuning do in racing? How much stock power?

OP OP! Fifth episode about our project BMW M4 G82. As soon as I more or less assembled the car I immediately went to test it on the stock, before winter and snow I had to test it in nerfing and measuring.


For the first race we went with my twin F22 M240xi Stage 3 (Gasoline - 520 horsepower).

The race showed that the twin is faster, I was driving the M4 (70 kg), and Slava (95 kg) was driving the twin. Bottom line: I thought the twin would be farther away from the M4.

Second fight:

Jaguar F-tape R (Stage 1, 5.0, 600+ horsepower) vs M4 G82 STOCK - with each race the Jaguar drove worse and by the end of the race the M4 started to pull away, by the first measurements the Jaguar was winning....

Race three:

BMW M2 F87 (Stage 2, semi-slicks, straight-through) - the result was similar to my twin.

My M4 surprised me, I expected less power from it, but it turned out to be very stable after the race!


The next day after the race we went to measure the car on Dyno stand.

STOSK: 510-515 horsepower.

Keep an eye on the project, we will be rocking it to 1000 horsepower.


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