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BMW M4 - TEST DRIVE! Does the $ work out well? HOW DOES IT FALL?

OP OP! The fourth article about our BMW M4 G82 project. My early morning began with a trip to the station in Kyiv (Pochayna) to pick up the car, and then to the service center to re-register the car for me, where I took the car on a tow truck, as the car was a bit damp and without license plates.

I successfully re-registered the car and took it back to the service center to put the license plates on.


The feeling of buying a car was not as cool as after buying my first car BMW E46 328i or after the two F22 M240xi

Having arrived at Pochaina we corrected the nuances on the gaps to clearly close the hood and screwed the license plates on the front bumper.

I finally made the first meters on it by going to a gas station and self-service car wash. 

After that I went to petrovka to fix the wiper blade and do camber.

After such not big fixes I went to finally test drive the car, the first impression was the difference in sound and acceleration, my F22 accelerated much faster.

Intermediate results on the price of the car: 

  • Price of the car without repair in Ukraine - 65000$

  • The price of repair - 6000$

Price with its condition now 70000-71000$.

Більш детальний випуск на YouTube -


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