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BMW M4 - We put it on the road! We solved the key problems. What are the nuances?

OP OP!!! The third article about our BMW M4 G82 project, the day started with starting the engine and YES IT STARTED! After starting the engine, we did a computer diagnosis to see the oil pressure in the engine, it was normal.

From the findings, we saved 15 thousand dollars because the engine was running fine and the pressure was normal. 


The next day, I went to pick up the tires, but because they were missing, I never picked them up.


We were missing a complete disk and tire on the rear. They put a new hub and a new brake disc, and a new brake caliper bracket.

On the 14th day, we received a second-hand wheel rim and rear summer tires, and later we changed the tires and bolted them on, and the car was already on the road. I had a little trouble getting the car into the box and onto the lift.

The problem with the axle was solved by replacing the balls and dust cover from the F30. As for the front disk, we decided to order a used one from Poland, which arrived in 10 days. We replaced the lever, and in the process of replacing it, we ordered a knuckle.

While all the parts were being delivered to the front end, we got the idea to assemble the car as it was (with damaged plastic).

For 1-2 months we repackaged my LED headlights and installed them.

At this point, the car was ready for driving, in the next article we will go to register the car!

More details in the video on YouTube -


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