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Turning BMW into a Monster: The dream of 1000 horsepower

OP OP! Today's article is going to be a complicated, historical one about the purchase of my new personal car and a new project! At the beginning of spring and the beginning of the season, everyone was buying new cars, both our clients and our car selection department were looking for cars for our clients.

I often looked at AUTO.RIA to see what to take instead of my F22 M240xi. I consider my two to be a very cool, fast, and versatile car, and in my opinion, only a BMW M2 G87 with all-wheel drive could be better than it, but unfortunately, they only exist with rear-wheel drive. I was also interested in the M3/M4 in the G-body (all-wheel drive).

M3 or M4 from the F-series are not suitable, as they are rear-wheel drive and the power at Stage 2 is similar to my F22. Therefore, only the G80/G82 and M5 F90 with all-wheel drive can be good analogues.


Together with our US car delivery department, we started looking at interesting options for delivery, the first options were a red and white M5 F90.

Looking at AUTO.RIA, I often sympathized with the 8 series, there were a couple of options and one was looked at in Lviv, but the prices were around $ 80 and I was not ready to pay so much for the 8 series...

Later, I decided to look at the M4 G82, it was the top option, because I don't like G80 sedans, and the all-wheel drive M4 is a great continuation of the two!

After calculating a little how much a turnkey car costs in Ukraine, and the difference was very good from the market price, we decided to look at the copies and play them!


The first M4 G82: a cool example with a light green color and not much damage, my bid was $42, with repairs it should have been about $80, watching the lot, the price rose for 50+ and I calmed down (The situation reminded me of buying my F22)

The second M4 G82: there was a blow to the front of the car, the body color was black, like the interior, the car went beyond our budget.

We also looked at the M3 G80 in black, which cost $46.

The third M4 G82: white with minimal damage, it was listed at the auction as an automatic transmission, but after looking at the photo and VIN, it turned out to be an automatic..

The fact that it was listed as a manual gave us a good chance that it would be found by fewer people and sold less. The nuance was that a puddle of oil was visible under the car, since this engine has an oil cooler under the car and most often after an accident the engine is jammed there (due to the operation of the engine without oil). Having calculated this car, if everything is fine with the engine, it should go for $80, in case of a jammed engine - $95. The time came for the auction and we won the car for $40,500. We had to wait for the car for about 2 months, when it was delivered to the site of our supplier, where we took bigger and better photos.


The car arrived in Kyiv on September 20, so it took us 3 months and 5 days to get it. 

At 6 a.m. on September 20, I went to meet the car, the car was loaded onto a tow truck and brought to the service area. The damage showed problems with the chassis and the front of the car. The story will be continued in the following articles!

The plan for the car was to make 1000+ horsepower on the S58 engine...


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