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Launching BMW M4 into space! Installed tuning Intercooler (CSF) and Charge Pipe (FTP) ...

OP OP! We continue the column about our BMW M4 G82, in this article we will install Intercooler from CSF company and also Charge Pipe from FTP motorsport company.

I came to BMW service station Pochaina in Kiev, where we drained the antifreeze from the radiators and thought that we will be able to install tuning radiators without disassembling the face of the car, but we could not do it and had to disassemble the front of the car.

Expediency of Intercooler replacement: the standard cooling was enough for light Stage 3 at temperatures up to 10 degrees Celsius. But when we'll be making 900-1000 horsepower for the summer in hot weather, we 100% need a cooling margin there.


A day later the Charge Pipe from FTP was installed (We didn't install the third element as we don't need it for methanol and there is no hope of it bursting)

At lunch the next day CSF radiator was installed.


After installing these tuning parts the next day I went to race with very strong competitors, but about it already in the next articles....


For more details see the video on YouTube - 

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