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BMW M4 power on STAGE 3? 1/4 MILE result, 0-100, 100-200 km/h? S58 Stage 3...

OP OP! Continuation of the article about Stage 3, according to the configuration we already have hybrid turbos, zero vics, MADCAT, Inlets.

I went to the bench to tune the Stage 3 firmware and measure the power, ideally I wanted to get 760-800 horsepower.


Before the measurements I checked the condition of the plugs and replaced them with new ones.


  • STAGE 2 (CUSTOM) - 722HP.

  • After tuning Stage 3 (Custom) - we got a stable result of 810 horsepower.

When tuning we made 2 maps for 760 hp and 810 horsepower.


At BMW service station Kiev on Pochaina I did oil change and oil filter change, there were no chips in the filter. Also were replaced plugs, put from B58 first revision.

On the auto I replaced the rubber, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 2023 on the front and Pilot Sport 4 2021 on the rear.


Acceleration measurements:

  • 100-200 km/h - 4.81s

  • Quarter to 1/4 MILE - 9.88s.

I was very pleased with the power result, see YouTube for more details -  

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