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BMW M4 G82 vs AUDI, M5 F90, M3 G80, 340i, 550i.

OP OP! After installing all the elements for Stage 3 we had a chance to race. In the races I tried to match the firmware to the power of the competitor

The first competitor was BMW G30 550i on Stage 1, with this competitor I had a firmware Stage 1 (655HP) - the M4 was getting away from the G30, but the difference was not big.

The second competitor was 2010 AUDI TT on Stage 4, our config was Stage 1 (655HP) - after 180 km/hour M4 goes away from AUDI.

The third competitor was BMW F30 340i xDrive Stage 3, our config was Stage 1 (655HP) - F30 is not a bad competitor, holds almost steady, but our M4 is faster.

The fourth competitor was BMW M3 G80 Stage 2, our config was also Stage 2 - G80 was getting away from us, but we couldn't get a normal start, so the cars are going somewhere even.

The fifth competitor was BMW M5 F90 Stage 2, our config is Stage 2 - the cars drive smoothly.

The sixth competitor was BMW G20 M340i Stage 3, our config was Stage 2 - cars drive smoothly, but after 230 km/hour G20 goes away.

See more details in the YouTube video -  

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