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Installed ZERO FTP, INLET fabrication, MIDCAT cut out on M4 G82. How much power gain from tuning?

OP OP! Since on our project M4 G82 we are moving to Stage 3, for this we lack Inlets, zero vics and removal of intermediate catalysts.

First of all, I went to make CUSTOM Inlets to the masters I know, there are no ready-made Inlets for TurboSystems turbines, so we decided to make homemade ones. In 2 days 2 Inlets were made and installed.

We also installed two zero resistance filters from FTP company.

Intake pipe was made also homemade, it turned out not very nice seams and also it should be painted in black color, later I will remake it so that the underhood space was like in the stock.

MIDCAT cutouts: at BMW service station Kiev (Beresteyskaya) I cut out intermediate catalytic converters, after cutting them out the sound is almost the same.

Basic things under Stage 3 were done and I went to the stand to measure power, firmware was stock, stage 1, stage 2.



558 horsepower. 


Power - 656 horsepower (30 horsepower gain)

STAGE 2 (CUSTOM) measurement:

Power - 722 horsepower (34 horsepower gain)


Bottom line: the iron gave not a bad increase in power.

See more details in the video on YouTube - . 

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