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BMW M4 - The exterior styling flaws have been removed! What's the price of the M4 $$$ already?

OP OP! My day started in the service center with receiving VADYM license plates.

I came to BMW service center Kiev (Pochaina). The first thing we did was to check how the hybrid turbos feel, they were ok! We put the rear bumper bracket and parktronic plugs.

A new original front bumper was installed with new (analog) CSL nostrils, also bought a lip (analog) and it didn't fit under the bumper...

The front bumper was off color and so it was given to paint.

We installed a new caliper bracket and a new trunnion, as the parts had light damage after an accident in the USA.

The appearance of the car after the work has changed in a very good way.

Also a new rear wheel disk was installed on the car.

Summarize how much the car is already received by money: in the previous series we received about $71 000, now the car is received about $77 000. 

For more details see the video on YouTube -


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