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Bought a BMW F10 535i! New project from the bottom of the market

Those who have been following us for a long time know that we have been looking for a BMW F10 535i for the project for a long time, as we have a Drum is F30 328xi on Stage 3,

and F10 was not enough, and we had a project F11 525d before that.

We didn't really have time to do anything in this project, we just chipped it, made the engine and sold it, and now it's finally time for 535 gasoline on the N55 to reveal the Stage 1-2-3 theme and retrofitting the F10 with steering wheel, dashboard, multimedia, etc. We were looking at options on the market out of the corner of our eye!

The first option we looked at was in Uzhhorod, the cost was $11,500.

The Drum didn't even have parking sensors, but it had a bright interior, we even took the car for a test drive, did a comprehensive diagnosis, and after that the client signed up to have the N55 chains replaced! The car had 275,000 kilometers on it. After replacing the chains, the price of the car went up and the owner didn't really want to sell it anymore. The plan was to get into the engine to check the condition of the liners, possibly change them, change the oil pump, and then do the chips before chipping. In the end, we went to Lviv and the car continued to drive around Uzhhorod.

One day, out of the corner of my eye, I saw another F10 535i in Vinnytsia on AUTO.RIA, and we decided to go check it out.

We met with the owner of the car and began to inspect the car from the outside, punching the paintwork. The car was brought unbroken from Canada a year ago at the time of 2023, the car had maintenance, timing chains, oil, pump and gaskets done in Canada. The owner turned out to be our subscriber. While Dima was inspecting the car from the outside and punching its paintwork, I was looking at the car in the cabin and talking to the owner. Afterwards, we decided to stop by the service to have the suspension diagnosed, look for engine leaks, and check for metal shavings in the oil filter.

As a result, after a long inspection of the car, we decided to buy it! We arrived at MREO, passed the examination, exchanged money and successfully purchased the car. On the way out of the city, we refueled the car and successfully arrived in Lviv...

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