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BMW F10 and EVACUATOR... F10 535i Stage 1 tests on a METAL engine!

OP OP!!! As you remember from the last article, the car did not start in the morning.

We called a tow truck, and the car went to BMW service station Pochaina in Kiev. Immediately checked the oil filter for metal chips, it was not there. The crankshaft was spinning, that was very good news. They took off the starter and gave it for revision, then put it on the car and the car started successfully!


I took the car at the service and immediately went to measure the acceleration 0-100 and 100-200 km/h.

The first measurement I decided to make 100-200, up to my goal of 200 km / h the car went confidently, but at a speed of 198 km / h suddenly came out the error “drive is not working” and the car stalled.

I immediately called a tow truck and took the car to the BMW service station Left Bank in Kiev. We threw mechatronic from the box ZF 8HP from F30, but still there were errors on it and it did not help. 

Then we put the native mechatronic, which came from the diagnosis, installed and errors on the box was no longer, although the car did not start ...

Involved the expertise of our network and realized that perhaps the problem with the incremental wheel on the crankshaft, checked the endoscope and saw that it is really in bad condition.

We removed the box, replaced a new oil seal and decided to test! The car started, we changed the oil in the automatic transmission and went to measure 100-200.

Acceleration 100-200 km/h (Stage 1 + down pipe)

16.71s - (best result)


Conclusions why the car did not start: the incremental wheel was really damaged during the measurements and gave a lot of errors.

Further plans for the car: to put intercooler and charge pipe + turbine stage 3. 

See more details in the video on YouTube - . 

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