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Gave COCKS to N55 of CHERMET! How did it end?

OP OP! In this article we went to test our N55, which was built from shit and sticks!

From the very morning we went to Odessa. I put bets that the car without problems to Odessa and back to Kiev. The car without problems passed 500 km to our BMW service station Odessa.

Immediately after arrival we looked at the oil filter for metal shavings, there were no shavings, there was only sealant.

Also on the way we got an error on the braking system, the sensor was broken.


The road to Kiev was normal and the car went to Kiev without problems.

Measurements 0-100 km/hour:

When measuring the box switched very strangely, so normal measurements could not be made. After the trip the car was left overnight and in the morning it did not start....


For more details see on YouTube - . 

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