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F10 535 engine assembly: the N55 engine is caught...

OP OP!!! As you may remember from the previous article about the F10, on the way from Odesa we started to hear a very strange sound, fortunately we reached Kyiv and the BMW did not let us down!

The next day I went to a BMW service station (Left Bank), and immediately we checked the oil filter for metal shavings, and there were shavings in the filter.

From the station on the Left Bank, we moved the car to Pochayna and started working on it. We immediately removed the engine and saw that the engine had already been disassembled before us, as there was a strange sealant on the gaskets and many nuances like a loose turbine bracket, etc.

The crankshaft was turned in the crank journals by 0.75, the main was turned by 0.25, the cylinder block was lined, the oil injectors on the pistons were installed incorrectly during assembly, and they were torn off.


In the sixth cylinder, you can see how the piston reached the cylinder head, this is the cylinder where the connecting rod was hanging on the crankshaft. On the connecting rod journals, you could see the liners were also twisted.

In this case, it's a good idea to change the engine or crankshaft. We found a second-hand crankshaft for boring (there were cracks on the journals). We sent this crankshaft for inspection, and after the inspection, we found a runout. The company aligned the crankshaft, and more cracks appeared on it...

After the company reworked the finished crankshaft for us, we decided to assemble the engine.

In a few days the engine was assembled, we decided to do the right thing and used PLASTIGAUGE. 

It was a test assembly of "shit and sticks". The liners were new, analogous to Kolbenschmidt.


After the engine was assembled, no one worked on the car, the car survived the move from the old premises to the new one, and after 2 months we installed the engine.

The first run was successful, the oil pressure was 7 bar, which is normal. In the following articles we will test the engine...


For more details, see YouTube -   

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