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What does DOWN PIPE give on F10 535 Stage 1/Stock? What happens to the engine after Stage 1 racing?

OP OP! As you remember in last week's episode we raced a stock and a Stage 1. On Stage 1 I really wanted to put down pipe, so we put it and went to measure the car on the stand.

Measurement on the stand showed on Stage 1 + down pipe - 349HP, was without down pipe 340HP

After we dumped the car on Stock + down pipe and we got 299 horsepower, without down pipe was 297HP.


On the maximum configuration I went to Odessa to race at 6 kilometers, but we were prevented by rain. The next day I changed the engine cushions and quietly went to Kiev, but at one of the checkpoints I stopped and heard a very scary sound....

See more details in the video on YouTube - . 

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