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Why is the F10 535i N55 losing power? Diagnostics, repairs, new money recovery :)

OP OP! An article about our pro project BMW F10 535i.

When I was driving back from the service on the highway, I heard a knock while the car was hot, and later we heard this sound while it was hot at the service station, so we were in no hurry to do the Stage. Over time, the car drove a few thousand kilometers and the sound did not increase.


I was in Kyiv and stopped by the stand to measure the power on Stock. To my great surprise, the power was 246 horsepower.

After the measurements, we went to our station in Kyiv to figure out where the power had gone.

We replaced the pump with the thermostat, spark plugs, coils and the radiator pipe. After the work was done at Beresteyskaya, we went to the stand. On the way to the test bench, I measured 0-100 km/h, and the result improved by almost 0.8 seconds. It was 7.97s, and now it's 7.22s.

The result after minimal repairs surprised me even more, we measured 242 horsepower.

The next day after the measurements, I came back to Beresteyskaya Street, we changed the pressure regulator and the car went 0-100 km/h - 6.3s, I came back to the stand and the car showed 297 horsepower. That's how we got it back to almost stock power in a few strokes.

For more details, see the video on YouTube - 

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