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How much did the BMW G30 540i cost in 2024? Did you get into the client's budget?

OP OP. Today we have an article about bringing a BMW G30 540i from the USA! For those who do not know, we are engaged in the delivery of BMW and MINI from America and also car selection in Ukraine.

Client's request: G30 540i from 2017 to 2019, preferably rear-wheel drive, with repairs, budget up to $40, black car and interior color, mileage up to 70,000 km + M-package.


When the search began, the G30 540i was quite expensive on the market, with prices starting at $20.

The first option was a white G30, which was not suitable even before the auction, as the price was more expensive than our budget.

The second option was a muddy G30, which was put up for auction several times.

The third option was our G30, which we won for $17100.

The price of a car without repair in Ukraine, with all payments, certification, registration, taxes, but excluding repairs, was $33,000.


The car was bought in dark gray color with a black interior (the client was completely satisfied with it), in the M-package, with 100,000 kilometers, among the advantages of the car was a 2019 model year, all-wheel drive, with a very good configuration.


Damage to the car: the safety system did not fire, the impact was in the rear, where the wing was damaged, the trunk, bumper and lamp were hit.

Cost of repairs: painting and replacement of a quarter of the rear left fender (not the entire quarter, but only the outer fender) - in total it cost $5000. The owner immediately decided to install restyled rear lights, a rear bumper and diffuser, and a full maintenance service was performed, including the replacement of all fluids, lubricants in the transmission, engine, transfer case, gears, brake fluid, cabin, oil and air filters. During the diagnostics of the car, it was found that the elastic clutch was in poor condition (it had small tears). After the work was done, the car was in excellent condition and ready for use by the owner. 

Interior equipment: keyless entry, black sports interior color, M-steering wheel, heated seats, wood inlays, Bowers & Wilkins music, regular dashboard, black ceiling, sunroof, parking sensors, camera.

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