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BMW G20 - IMPORTED FROM USA IN 2024! How much of a bargain is a car? How to buy a cat in a bag ...

OP OP! We continue the rubric about bringing cars from the USA, who does not know we are engaged in bringing BMW from America and auto selection in Ukraine!

This is our manager's car, which he brought under restoration and sale. 

The history of buying a car: having looked at our department on bringing BMW from America, he was interested in how it is, what advantages and he decided to bring for himself a car that he is interested in. At first he really wanted to bring BMW G30 540i on the legendary B58 engine.

There were a lot of options to choose from, for almost a month he traded different G30 540i not with a strong impact and with a good price. In the end it was decided to expand the list of search and was added G20 330i and X3 G01 30i, was almost won G01, but the fate did not work out and after a couple of days fell out seven very interesting options of which the third was G20 330i.

As a result, we won a blue G20 330i with a mileage of 120,000 kilometers for $15,300, according to the photo was a very cool car with minimal damage.

Auto without taking into account the repair in Ukraine became in the amount of 27 000$. When buying the car on the photo auction was visible from the damage only the rear bumper, but in fact in addition to the rear bumper was found in addition to the front bumper and front fender.

In total, the car from the time of purchase to the time it was delivered to the service was exactly 3 months. When we met the car and wanted to start, in order to drive off the tow truck, the hood did not open and had to light the cigarette lighter from the trunk, the car successfully started and drove into the territory of the service center. (The reason for not opening the hood was the problem that he simply oxidized).


When the rear part was disassembled, the damage was not very bad. The unpleasant thing that came out was the $500 fuel vapor absorber. The tires were in bad shape even though the car was 4-wheel drive.


In summary we have: the lot was not bought cheap as it was supposed to be with minimal impact, but on arrival some issues were revealed.

Interior condition: was decent but there were some scuffs visible on the armrests. 

Equipment: M-package, black interior, blind spots, wireless charging, winning color, sunroof and more.

The car made its new owner nervous, but in general from his words buying American autos and further actions with the car are very interesting.


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