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BMW F30 330i from America. Hit the customer's budget? Any hidden damage? What is the REAL value of a car from the USA?

OP OP!!! Today we have an article about a BMW F30 330i with all-wheel drive and B48 engine, imported from the USA by our company.

Customer's request: BMW F30 restyling, 2015-2016, all-wheel drive, not strong shock, white color and without red interior, from options wanted LED optics, large navigation and sports salon.


There were not many options, over time raised the budget from 18$ to 21-22$.

After a while fell out a very cool option, the car was in white color, LED optics, all-wheel drive, sport seats, NBT EVO with a wide monitor, extended dashboard, sport selector automatic transmission, comfortable access, black ceiling and a very interesting B48 motor.


The auto was almost unbeaten, of the damage was missing front and rear bumper, sill and tailgate handle.

Such an auto for 2021 is worth about $30, so the owner's value of $22-23 seemed very good. 

The lot was won for $9900, after it was delivered to us for service a broken glass on the front headlight was discovered.

Without repair and any work at our service station, the car to the client came out with certification, registration, etc. in the amount of 18,820$.


With repair of the car turned out to be fully turnkey 22 500$. 

The list of basic spare parts: headlight glass, headlight block, sill guides, front parktronics wiring, parktronics 8 shuk, rear bumper, LED fog lights, left sill, left door handle, front bumper, suspension arms - this list cost 2300$.

On painting and straightening works it turned out 1050$ and works on our BMW service station cost 370$.


Intermediate results on the car, the expected cost was $22,000, but because of such unforeseen nuances as headlight glass, etc. the cost turned out to be $22,500.

See more details on YouTube - 



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