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B48 on Stage 2! We installed the Downpipe and Stage 2. Measurements are 100-200. BMW 230. We put the M-package on the deuce.

OP OP! Another article about our project BMW F23 230i, today we will do Stage 2 on the car! 

We started the refinement of the car at our station in Kiev (Left Bank). On my arrival to the car, the turbine was already removed, and a new one for Stage 3 was already in stock. The purpose to make Stage 3 on this engine still remained!

We started with the installation of DOWN PIPE (For B46/B48/B58 it is enough to replace the catalytic converter with down pipe according to bootmod3 recommendation).

After installing the down pipe and pouring Stage 2 (bootmod3) the power on the bench showed 280-293 horsepower. Later we decided to pour E10 alcohol, we got 306 horsepower.

100-200km/h - 15.9s.

After the measurements I wrote to bootmod that the measurements are not very stable and they corrected the firmware, we poured and just drove to measure 100-200 km/h - we got a good result of 14.13s.

In the end we got a stable 292 horsepower on 98 gasoline and 100-200 in the area of 14.15s.


From external changes on the car we put M Package and made a personalized number "ПІДМІНКА" - the numbers indicate the purpose of the car, namely a substitute car at the service for the time of repair of the client's car.

We are engaged in chip tuning gasoline and diesel BMW, as well as chip box!

We sell bootmod3 activation codes all over the world - who is interested in chip tuning write us in Telegram - 


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