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Replacing brake fluid

BMW Garage Racer Services provide a full range of BMW and Mini maintenance services. 


We have more than 6 years of experience BMW car repair


Guarantee for work performed


12 service branches

in Ukraine


For owners of BMW and MINI cars

The quality and regular replacement of brake fluid play a key role in the reliability and performance of the braking system of your BMW. Our BMW Service offers brake fluid replacement at an affordable price. Our specialists carry out replacements using high-quality materials and consumable components.


Reasons for premature brake fluid replacement:

Problems with the brake system, moisture getting into it;

Incorrect mixing of brake fluid without taking into account the engine model and characteristics of the brake fluid. For complete confidence in the serviceability of the brake system, it is recommended not just to top up, but to completely replace the brake fluid.

An important sign that the fluid requires replacement is a change in its color. Compare it with the new liquid: if the color is different, sediment has appeared in the liquid, it has become cloudy - it’s time to contact a car service center. You can also use special testers for a more accurate assessment than with visual inspection.

We replace BMW brake fluid, taking into account the characteristics of the car model and engine. Take care of the condition of the brake system on time, and the car will not let you down!

BMW Maintenance

Our team BMW technical service offers unrivaled service for your BMW. We specialize in comprehensive BMW maintenance, ensuring your luxury vehicle receives the care it deserves. Our BMW car service equipped with the latest equipment and qualified technicians who understand the intricacies of the design of these vehicles.

*If the required service is not available, consult the branch manager

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