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How to pour a chip into your BMW! How to fill the tuning chip on BMW F and G yourself?

OP OP! Instructions on how you can chip tuning (BOOTMOD3) using your iPhone or laptop. How does it work? You create an account under E-mail and under your password, to activate the firmware you need to get an activation code, there are two ways to get it: 1. buy bootmod3 activation code on the official website (no discounts)

2. buy activation code from us at very good prices. After you have received the activation code and activated the firmware, your account immediately has a stock firmware that you can pour at any time, and you can choose one tuning firmware (free) of all that exist on your engine. You can choose any firmware for any fuel Stage 1-2 for 95-98 gasoline or E30 blend. In case over time you want to change the firmware from Stage 1 to Stage 2, you will need to buy the full firmware package.

For customers we recommend to fill the firmware under 95 gasoline (if they are not racing) in order to be more octane number, for example, chip tuning firmware under 95 gasoline, and you drive on 98 or 100 gasoline.

Further, if you are not enough Stage 1 and you decided to pour the chip under Stage 2: in ordinary companies you need to come to the company and for additional money to pour the chip tuning firmware. In this case on bootmod3 firmware you need to install Intercooler and just pour the firmware from Stage 1 to Stage 2 (if there is a full package of firmware).

In case you want to buy another BMW: the firmware can be transferred to another car once without any problems!


1. Laptop with a jack for ENET cable or can be connected to USB through an adapter (advantage that we can help remotely).

2. ENET Cable (One part is plugged into the internet socket and the other into the OBD socket).

3. In case you want to pour firmware from iPhone, you need a special adapter.


1. Connect ENET cable to computer and car.

2. Go to the site, in case you pour the first time, you need to create an account.

3. After logging in, we see the VIN code of the car and the inscription "OBD ADENT NOT DETECTED"

4. We need to connect OBD AGENT (in case you don't have it, click the green button and the program will download).

5. After downloading go to the application (this program connects the car with the server).

After launching the program: the car should automatically turn on the ignition, if the ignition does not turn on automatically, you can try manually. If the connection failed, it is recommended to disconnect the battery terminal. When the program connects, the message "Agent OBD connection to the vehicle is UP!" will appear.

6. Turn off the heater, turn off the lights on the car to minimize electricity consumption.

7. In case you have a blue circle near the inscription "Vehicle": the connection has passed and everything is OK!

If you see a red circle next to "Vehicle": you are not connected (BOOTMOD AGENT is not connected or installed) or you have not activated your account.

Activation of the account: in the menu will be written "click on activate account", you click, there will be a line for the activation code, insert the activation code and ALL! You will see "success".

DASHBOARD MENU: there you can remove logs and see logs that you have already removed.

MYMAPS MENU: by default you have 1 stock map available, to select one tuned map go to OTS MAPS.

Choose the map you need and pour, if you have a stock car, you can especially do not customize anything, but it is better to go to the top right in the config and select the appropriate points, further pour, it is recommended to connect the charger, connect the seat belt and disable additional devices.


Go to the map, press FLASH (the browser will ask you for permission to save the file that is downloaded from the server).

  • There will be errors on the dashboard, as some time DME (Engine

  • Management Unit) does not communicate.

  • At the time of uploading you can not: close/open doors, turn on lights, etc....

  • After successful priming: you need to turn off the ignition, wait 30 seconds and you can start the engine.

  • By analogy everything is also done with other firmware.



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